Pavehall have successfully completed the extensive repair and delicate clean to Garde || Listed Hamilton House restoring it to its former glory. Our Heritage Team completed the prestigious Victorian [circa 1880] stone restoration and facade cleaning project at Hamilton House. Architecturally, the building is interesting as an illustration of late-Victorian eclecticism, with just a hint of Arts and Crafts influence in the foliated pattern on the contrasting faience panels.


Pavehall used a non-abrasive doff cleaning method to the Portland Stone and intricate Faience in order to remove the build-up of carbon deposits which is inherent of its Central London location. Once cleaned, we then were able to carry out a comprehensive schedule of repair to windows and moulded stonework. We were able to send samples from the building fabric to a laboratory to be analysed and get the correct mortar mix to so we could match the existing building method and materials.

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